Have a great holiday everyone! If you feel like undertaking your science fair experiment then go for it! Will save you homework next term. See you then!!

Due to the postponement of the Night of the Notables the board will now not be due until Monday 14th April! It is proving difficult to organise a community night next term. i would like all family members to drop in on Tuesday or Wednesday the week after next to see the work they have been doing.

It would be great if students could organise a costume for these days - if not would they please wear suitable mufti.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control the Night of the Notables has to be cancelled this term. I am endeavouring to find another suitable date early next term. My apologies.

Week 8

Wow the end of the term is only 3 weeks away and the Night of the Notables is nearly here! The students are now back into the real world after our awesome camp and working well!!

Week 6 10-14 March Camp Week!

The time has finally come for us to go on camp. Students need to be at school by 8.20am at the latest in the front carpark. They should have their day pack (school bags?) lunch, drink, stationery. They need to collect their camp book from Mrs Eddington on the morning. If you are late and we have left without you (hopefully not!) make your way to Burwood forest along Waitakiri Drive and we will be by the ranger's building. Remember students are allowed ONE bag plus their sleeping gear. Please adhere to this restriction.
We hope to be back on Friday by 2pm but give us 15 minutes breathing space just in case we get stuck in traffic etc.

Week 4

It is only just over a week before we head off on camp - this is very exciting for us.
The class is generally working hard and we have now finished our first science and health units which is fantastic.

We give a huge welcome to Mr Clinton Whealan who joined us as a trainee teacher today. Although he will not be starting until next week he has given up two days to be with us - he is very brave! He will be with us for 5 weeks which is fantastic and will be undertaking an intergrated unit on New Zealand and its relationship with Pacific Countries.

Just a reminder that the Meet the Teacher evening is THIS Wednesday from 6-6.30pm.

Week 3

The good news is that Cansail has been successful in their bid to get sponsorship for us to sail on the Fox11 at Akaroa (a real sailing ship). We will now be doing this instead of taking the Black Cat cruise and I have adjusted the camp plan accordingly. This is very exciting!

The school has managed to get more sponsorship for camp so the final cost for each students is $110.00. If you have paid the $10 extra this can be credited against your account.

Also (unofficially) I will be unavailable for the meet the teacher next Wednesday due to my having surgery. Mr Paton will be writing you a letter about this with an alternative date.

Lots of students told me they could take tents, if this is so i would appreciate the 'official' word from you to say that is OK.
We have had a hard, but fantastic week! Many thanks.

Week Two

It was a fantastic week last week and I am so excited about my new class. They have very high ability and i can already see that they are very talented writers!
One or two students had difficulty getting some permission slips and homework requirements back on time and will need to address this in the future. However it is all go now and we have started our classroom programme relating to our upcoming camp i.e. the science geology unit on The Making of Bank's Peninsula' and volcanoes in general.

Notices have now gone out re the camp and I am grateful to the parents who have already offered their help. We will need to have a couple more cars, however, to transport students to camp on the 11th. We will be travelling to Burwood Forest for a survival course first then heading over the Camp Taylor. It will take a whole day as we intend to stop at Birdling's Flat on the way. I realise it is extremely difficult for parents to get time off work etc and am grateful for your help.


Welcome to my new students for 2014 and your families!

School starts for year 8 students on Tuesday at the normal time. I would really appreciate it if you all had you stationery etc on the first day. Thanks everyone and see you then.

For your benefit the first homework requirements are now outlined on the homework page (to the left).

Below please find copies of the documents etc that I gave your child on the last day of term. This will be regularly updated throughout the year.